Max St. Hilaire talks to J&P Voelkel - Some Great Career Advice


Some Great Career Advice

archaeologist Max Lamoureux-St. Hilaire

Max Lamoureux-St-Hilaire obtained his B.Sc. in Anthropology at Université de Montréal, and is presently pursuing his M.A. at Trent University under the supervision of Dr. Gyles Iannone. He has worked three field seasons with Dr. Iannone’s Social Archaeology Research Program at Minanha, Belize, and also participated in other archaeological projects in Belize and Mexico. The focus of Max’s ongoing research is the abandonment of the ancient Maya community of Minanha, as observed through its on-floor assemblages. He is especially interested in the ritual behaviors (i.e. termination rituals) and the social and cognitive implications of settlement abandonment for the ancient Maya.

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