Ramzy Barrois archaeologist and ballgame expert talks to J&P Voelkel


The Maya ballgame

archaeologist Ramzy Barrois

Ramzy Barrois graduated with a MA in Archaeology with distinction from the Sorbonne University in 1999 after completing a Thesis on French explorer Léon Diguet (1859-1926). He was awarded his PhD Thesis in 2006, which he also received with distinction.  The thesis focused on the study of sculptures associated with ballgames in Mesoamerica, and identified the distribution of the three different ballgames practiced in Mesoamerica, based on iconographic and statistical data.

He has been involved in archaeological fieldwork since 1996. Before working in the Maya area he participated in archaeological investigations in France. In particular he assisted in the excavations of Alésia (France; 1996-1998), specifically focusing on the Gallic, Gallo-Roman and Merovingian portions of the site. During a two-year period in Mexico, as part of a fellowship program of the French institute CEMCA, he participated in the excavations of the Bajio Project in Guanajuato (2001), the excavations of the Chupicuaro Project (2002), and the survey of the central Rio Bec zone (2001).  Since 2007, he is the director of La Rejolla project in Peten, Guatemala.

He has organized and tutored introductory workshops to Maya hieroglyphic writing since 2004 in the Sorbonne University and he is in charge of workshops for the Louvre school in Paris, France. He has translated the official handbook of the WAYEB association into French and is the organizer of the 13th European Conference in Paris in December 2008.  In addition, he has published in a selection of scholarly periodicals and presented at various colloquia and workshops.

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